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2nd International Fencing Congress

Bad Wildungen, July 25-27, 2003, Sport-Hotel Parkhöhe

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Friday, July 25
18.30 dinner
20.00 opening ceremony with show fencing
21.00 bistro café is open

Saturday, July 26
08.45 congress
19.00 dinner
20.00 bistro café is open
Sunday, July 27

08.45 congress
13.00 departure



Full board Friday evening till Sunday noon 89,00 €
congress participation for 2 days 79,00 €
congress participation Saturday only 55,00 €
congress participation Sunday only 25,00 €
ADFD-members receive a 10,00 € coupon for the Parkhöhe bistro and a congress t-shirt. All participants receive the congress folder and a coupon for a glass of champagne at the opening ceremony . The prices are the same for single or double rooms. There are more single rooms available.


Fencerobic - footwork with music
Regina Faust, Fencing Master ADFD, P.E. teacher, Dannewerk

The fencing dummy „Willibald“
Peter Kolloch, Fencing Master ADFD, Würzburg

Strength training - application possibilities for health and fitness, special basis- and compensatory strengthening for fencers
Thomas Günther, Sport Scientist, Bad Wildungen

Wheel chair fencing
Wilfried Lipinski, Fencing Master ADFD, Schortens

A German foil system
Mike Bunke, Fencing Master ADFD, Dannewerk

Coordination training prevention and therapeutic approach with proprioceptive and specific movement coordination training
Thomas Günther, Sport Scientist, Bad Wildungen

German Mensur fencing - heavy sabre
Kurt Betz, Fencing Master VdF, Marburg / Andreas Brix, Fencing Master VdF, Moringen

Stage fighting in theory and practice
Prof. Claus Großer, Teacher, Leipzig

Historical Fencing - sword fighting
Gerhard Borho, Fencing Coach, Berlin

The new teaching method "Diamond Technique"
Bruno Jerebicnik, Fencing Master ADFÖ, Berlin

Les grands saluts de cour
Claude Carliez, Maître d'Armes AAF, Paris


Therapeutic methodes for regeneration and rehabilitation
Vera Delle, Physiotherapist, Bad Wildungen

Stretching as part of fencing training - possibilities and limits
Dr. Parvis Torbati, MD, Bad Wildungen

Training of basic endurance as basis for specific fencing training
Dr. Birger Neubauer, MD, Hamburg and Regina Faust, Fencing Master ADFD, Dannewerk

New testing tools for finding faults on piste
Albert Wekwart, electrician, Heroldsberg

Biomechanics of the free arm
Dr. Maurice Donners, Fencing Master ADFD, Eindhoven

A multilingual dictionary of fencing terms
Vic Hartog, Fencing Master ADFD, Eindhoven

Meaningful beginners examination
Carsten Muschenich, Fencing Master ADFD, Marburg

State of knowledge in sport medicine concerning sport fencing
Dr. Birger Neubauer, M.D., Hamburg

Development of the German Mensur fencing
Ralf Schomber, Gießen

Wireless fencing - latest development
Bruno Jerebicnik, Fencing Master ADFÖ, Berlin

New course system 'Master artistic fencing'
Regina Faust, Fencing Master ADFD, /Prof. Claus Großer,


First aid for accidents during fencing exercises
Dr Birger Neubauer, M.D., Hamburg

Misunderstandings in fencing history
Günter Schmid, Fencing Master ADFD, Waiblingen

Cutting and thrusting weapons, fencing history, historical fencing
Dr. Maurice Donners, Fencing Master ADFD, Einhoven


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