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From: jeff elkinson [mailto:jpe@northrock.bm]
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 3:14 PM
To: jschmid@hunterdon.csnet.net
Subject: fencing instructor for Bermuda

Dear Editor,     

This is probably an unusual request but here it is. I live in Bermuda and I, together with about 10 other people, use to belong to a fencing club here. Unfortunately, the person who started the club and gave instruction has moved on to other things and there are a lot of frustrated fencers and would-be fencers who are desperate for a teacher. Is there any instructor who would be interested in coming to Bermuda for a period in the summer, perhaps August, to teach a mixed group of students? We could offer airfare, accommodation,some enjoyable social occasions as well as watersports and a small stipend. If there is anyone interested, could they contact me by email at jpelkinson@cdp.bm  and consider providing a short c.v.and the name of two independent referees. For those who wish to telephone me (Jeffrey Elkinson), my number is 441 299 4932  and fax is 441 232 2483. Thanks


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